How Can NovaSure® Help My Menstrual Cycle?

Heavy menstrual bleeding affects one in five women, causing serious quality of life issues as they grapple with the messy consequences, to say nothing of the cramping that often accompanies heavy periods.

Here at Cross Roads Hormone Health and Wellness, we offer a procedure called NovaSure, which has a 90% satisfaction rate, helping women get on with their lives free from the hassle and discomfort of heavy menstrual bleeding. We do the procedure right here in our offices in Cross Roads, Texas, which makes it convenient for women in the Denton and Frisco communities, as well.

To explore how NovaSure can help with your menstrual cycle, we’ve pulled together a quick primer on the procedure and why you might be a candidate.

Going with the flow

Heavy menstrual bleeding is not uncommon, which may be of little consolation if you’re in the grips of anxiety each month as you worry about leaks, cramps, and ruining more of your clothes.

The main culprits behind heavy bleeding are hormonal imbalances (such as polycystic ovary syndrome), uterine fibroids, and endometriosis. Though these three are most often behind heavy bleeding, sometimes no cause is ever found. The bottom line is that whatever the cause, you’re left cleaning up the mess, quite literally.

Ebbing the flow

As the gynecological field researched ways to relieve women of heavy bleeding, more often than not, they defaulted to hormonal fixes. Although regulating your hormones is a great way to regulate your menstrual cycle, some women simply don’t adjust well to hormone medications, and there’s also the matter of getting these hormones into your system, which is an ongoing process.

If hormonal pills, patches, injections, or implants aren’t the right solution for you, there is another way.

NovaSure is an FDA-approved, one-time, five-minute process. Called an endometrial ablation, NovaSure goes straight to the source of your heavy bleeding — your endometrium — and effectively puts an end to the shedding of your lining by removing it.

This technique is designed to stop or dramatically lighten your periods, leaving you free to enjoy your life again without the incessant worry that comes with your menstrual cycles.

How it works

During your quick procedure, we insert a tube through your cervix into your uterus. Through this tube, we place a wire mesh along the inside of your uterus. Once the mesh is in place, we send radiofrequency energy through it for 90 seconds. This energy is absorbed by the lining in your uterus only, leaving your uterus intact.

After we deliver the radiofrequency energy, we simply remove the mesh and wand, and you’re free to return home.

You may feel some discomfort after the procedure, which usually resolves itself in a day or two. That said, most women don’t report any pain and resume their normal routines the next day.

Consider this

You should only consider the NovaSure procedure if you’re done with childbearing. Since we ablate the lining of your uterus, any pregnancy afterward is risky. This, however, does not mean that you can’t get pregnant. NovaSure addresses your heavy menstrual cycles, but it shouldn’t be considered a birth control method.

There are other conditions that may rule this procedure out, and we’re happy to sit down with you to review your medical history and current health to see if NovaSure can help make your life a little, or a lot, easier.

To set up a consultation, please give us a call, or use the online scheduling tool on this website to book an appointment.

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